• We map our fax number with your emailid to receive faxes without having fax machine and dedicated additional fax line.
  • Eliminate manual fax hassles such as printing and walking to the fax machine.
  • Access, search and store fax messages from your email inbox.
  • Receive multiple faxes simultaneously your fax number is never busy!
  • Email report confirming the delivery status of each fax sent.
  • SMS alert on your mobile immediately on receiving new fax message. Now no need to check emails regularly for new fax.
  • Easy deployment and implementation for multiple locations and platforms, company-wide.
  • Utilizes your existing IT investment and resources.
  • Limitless capacity without the cost and installation of software, hardware and dedicated fax lines.
  • Manage email and fax communications and addresses from your existing desktop email application.
  • Eliminate printing documents and the hassles of manual fax procedures.
  • Now no need to retry every time on getting fax line busy. Failed transmissions are automatically re-attempted.

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